Tolbos Bistro – Gansbaai

Tolbos – Afrikaans translation to English:  tumbleweed

In the Western Cape there are lots of hidden gems when it comes to small coastal towns. Gansbaai is no exception, and once you have truly explored the area you can’t help but to fall in love with the serenity and simplicity of it. Gansbaai and its surrounding area holds a special place in my heart as this is where we’ve been having our family holidays for the past 10 years. Don’t be fooled by this quiet little town during the off-peak season, during the holiday period it’s bursting at the seams. This is also a great White Shark cage diving  and whale watching destination (Kleinbaai).

We visited one of the restaurants, Tolbos Bistro, in Gansbaai for a family Sunday lunch.


Upon arrival you immediately feel welcome and start feeling relaxed.


If the weather permits (i.e. it’s not too windy or raining) you can be spoiled by sitting outside and enjoy the spectacular view of the harbour.


It’s also a lovely area for the whole family (especially the kids) to enjoy.








Since it was a bit windy, we took up a place inside where we were still able to enjoy the lovely views outside.  The atmosphere inside has a very homey feel to it, as if I’m sitting in my mom’s kitchen.


The food was divine, and we all finished our plates with nothing to spare. We even had space to squeeze in some desert.




We enjoyed our visit to Tolbos Bistro tremendously and will keep supporting the local restaurants in Gansbaai.

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